Want to Piercing, Make Sure First Safety

Piercing is done by some people for reasons of appearance or art. The most commonly pierced body part is the ear. In addition, some people like piercing in the nose, mouth, tongue, eyelids, nipples, even the genital area. The body part that is pierced will need time to recover and is also at risk of experiencing problems. Piercing is to stick a needle to make a small hole in the body so that it can be fitted with jewelry. If the piercing is done with equipment that is not sterile, you are at risk of contracting infectious diseases, such as tetanus, HIV, or hepatitis B and hepatitis C. What to Look For When Piercing? Actually piercing is a pretty safe action if you pay attention to all aspects of cleanliness and health. Therefore, it is important to know how safe the steps in the following piercing are. Before deciding to get pierced, make sure you vaccinate, especially the tetanus vaccine and hepatitis B. Choose a shop or place to have a piercing that is clean and has security
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